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Thanksgiving Traditions 2016


It’s the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and this year we are headed to NYC for the holiday.  But, I get to make my favorite dinner of the year, in miniature for the Hubby’s father, so he will have food (and house/kitty sit) while are on the east coast.  Every year I post about this holiday and the elaborate tables we do, along with alllllll the food.  This year I’ll just leave a few handy tips here, so you have the basics covered!

Thanksgiving tips of the cooking trade!

Fool proof pie crust

This year while I make dinner for us tomorrow, I am also making duplicates for us to take to NY.  For example, the Hubbys favorite sides, like the German style cole slaw with a hot oil and vinegar dressing, and the Midwest must have, green bean casserole.  In years past, I have tried to do the casserole all from scratch, no canned mushroom or green beans for this gal!  But, the Hubby very sweetly said, “Your green bean casserole is fancy, like something I would expect in a resaurant, so delicious!  The old recipe is the more traditional one.” Who can argue with that?  This year, I am taking some of the short cuts, but I am also making orange scented challah bread, which rises overnight in the fridge, and pumpkin pie made with fresh roasted pumpkin as well as pecan pie with the crust above.  So, at least I feel I have made the effort!

Last year I did these traditional Americas empanadas (see the link in What we were doing a year ago), which were a big success, so perhaps you can try something slightly different too!

So, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, with lots of food, family, friends and peace!  Avoid the “Black Friday” scourge, and remember, we have been through tough times in the past, be thankful for what you have right now, and every day.

What we were cooking a year ago: A Traditional Americas Thanksgiving

What we were cooking 3 years ago: Happy Thanksgiving!

What we were cooking 6 years ago: Festive Ricotta


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