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Blogging 101


I am part of the Blogging 101 team on WordPress this season, and our charge today is to write about our blog and why we write.  Here we go!

I write a public blog rather than in a journal because I want feedback, and I never could understand the point of a journal that no one else reads.  As I have said many times, my passion is to help others realize that cooking, while being a bit of chemistry, isn’t rocket science.  Not by a long shot! There are basic techniques that need to be learned, but that’s pretty much it.  You don’t need fancy machines in most cases, and no gadgets.  A few good knives, a cutting board and one or two basic pots and pans and you can pretty much do anything.

That’s it pretty much.  I have loved to cook since as long as I can remember, from being a little tiny child making pudding on my mom’s kitchen floor, to discovering Julia Child at 10 or 12, to cooking my first meal (can you believe, Coq au Vin, with chicken backs??), to  my first wedding cake, to my second, to cooking for my friends, then my husband, then his family and my co-workers.  It’s a life long love, and I aim to keep on going.

This year, I’d like to get more into the writing swing, and maybe even get better at it, and the topics I post.  Who knows how successful I will be?

Thanks for reading dears, and here’s to a New Year!




Love to hear your thoughts!

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