home cooking

Merry Merry, 2015


We made it to another Christmas, this time in the year 2015.  Honestly, it feels as though we just got here, and now, it’s gone.

What have we to show for the year?  As I see it, it’s the worst geo-political in recent history.  All the terrorism and all the domestic absurdity, how do we move past this progressively? And when I say progressively I mean, how do we thoughtfully move to a place of greater clarity, a place we have tried to be?

My inclination is to move forward with food and knowledge.  In early December, I taught a class to some co-workers about making pasta.  Just lasagna sheets, which are supremely simple, but labor intensive.  and after the class a coo-worker texted me that she was making home made pasta for her family gathering that weekend!

That is the preeminent reason this blog exists.  Making people realize that all this fancy cooking you hear about on the Food Chanel and the Cooking channel are simply not complicated.  If your Nonna could make it regularly each and every Saturday and Sunday, how easy is it for you to recreate it occasionally?  Take the leap of faith that you’re capable of mixing some eggs, flour and seasonings on a board and ending up with an outstanding pasta dish.  If you have your hands, a cutting board and the ingredients, you can make it too!

I am linking back here to a recipe and blog relating back to pasta and all it’s lovely, easy to create forms, take a look.  Enjoy the holidays, and be sure to spend some time thinking about your impact on your family.  What is your role, are you happy with it?  And how do you deepen and broaden it?  That’s your charge for 2016.

Happy Christmas to you all and a very happy, healthy and productive 2016.  We all need some good news!