cooking for one

Cooking for one


How many of you cook for just one person? Do these recipes work well for you?  I ask because I am working on developing a menu of food for one or two, to help out my father in law.  Simple food, quick and easy to prepare and easily frozen.

Give me your ideas, tell me what you do if you cook small.  Once I get a few together, I’ll start trying them and posting about the results.

Thanks, and happy Spring!


One thought on “Cooking for one

  1. I have to admit I mostly cook normal size batches of things that freeze well – soups, bolognaise, even stew (although I find chunks of vegetable don’t freeze/heat very well)…. If I don’t want to do that so much I sometimes cook several dishes at once – that way you don’t have to deal with having to store half an onion. Also things like stir fries are nice and easy to cook at once. Or making prep bags to go in the freezer, so you only have to prepare once but cook up fresh.


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