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Places you’ll love in Downtown Detroit


If you ever find yourself in Detroit, and you just don’t know what to do with yourself, or you’re too afraid to go outside, never fear! I’ll walk you through the neighborhoods, and tell you the best ways to get there, and what to do once you are there!

Let’s start with the hopping-est neighborhood at the moment, Downtown Detroit! I am pretty biased here, because I work there and have a wonderful view out the windows over all that is going on there, but don’t let me persuade you, let the neighborhood persuade you. Downtown butts right against the river, which is the home of GM beautiful glass building complex known as the Renaissance Center. Building was primarily financed by Ford Motor Company, and building started in 1971. The initial building was completed in 1977. It’s claim to fame, other than being the tallest building on the Detroit skyline, is that it boasts the highest all-hotel tower in the Western Hemisphere. Pretty impressive! We did the tour of the whole complex last summer and were treated to a 360 degree view of Detroit and the surrounds fro the Coach Insignia restaurant on the towers highest floor. It was wonderful, I highly recommend it. Aside from the wonderful views, the building fronts the “Riverwalk” which stretches from the Ren Cen, all the way to Chene Park, along the river. It’s a pedestrian walkway that includes a ferris wheel, summertime sprinkler sculpture, bicycle rental and a lovely little place to sit and have a burger and fries. All in all it’s a great stroll when you have some time to just relax!

In the building I work in, the First National Building, we boast a wonderful coffee shop called The Roasting Plant. Oddly enough, when the Hubby and I were in NYC last year, we went to one of the only other Roasting Plants in the country, in the Village. Low and behold, when we got back, I found out they were opening their third location in my very building! Their claim to fame is freshly roasted coffee, pretty much as you’re standing there waiting for your order. It’s wonderful, if a bit pricey. We also use it as UWSEM south, and hold some impromptu meetings there!

Directly across the street, we have Campus Martius, with it’s wonderful Fountain Bistro. I kid you not, even lamb haters would love their lamb sliders. Mushroom ragout is wonderful, with lovely sauteed mushrooms, chevre and brie. They have full bar, with reasonable and unusual choices. Highly recommend!