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This is just ridiculous!

We got a TON of snow, but the worst part of it all is that it’s currently -1 degree outside, which with this whipping wind feels like a bazzillion below.  Poor Hubby went out there to snow blow, and within about 15 minutes, he was back inside with numb hands and a terribly red face!  Poor guy!

I used to love snow when I was a kid.  In the first house we lived in, I had a room of my won, being the only girl until I was 13, and it had a big window in it.  I used to sit on it, half on the radiator cover, half in the window and would read for hours.  When it was snowing, I would turn off the lights and just sit int he window and watch it.  The peace and quiet that descended upon busy Main Street, Flushing was amazing.  All quiet, bright and clean.  Then, after a bit, a bus would drive by and kill the zen-like purity of it.  I can still feel that calm come over me when it snows for the first time every year.  It makes me want to sit my 46 year old body on the window sill and write under cover of the night.  So peaceful!

Here’s what our neighborhood looked like this morning:




And here’s Big Fatty, AKA Bert keeping watch for any random birdies dumb enough to fly today:




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