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Think David Bowie and Freddie Mercury singing “Pressure!”  I have an inherent fear of pressure cookers.  It probably harkens back to my mother having one, briefly, when we were kids.  I was completely paralyzed with fear that it would explode, and take all of us, and possibly the house with it in a screaming blast of smoke.  But, since then, I also have come to realize that they’re much safer these days. 

How many of you rely on one for a good deal of your cooking?  I love Mark Bittman, and he recently had a piece in the New York Times Dining and Wine section about pressure cooking.  Take a look here:


Doesn’t that sound amazing, and so easy, fun even!  I am thinking amongst my mother in law’s things there was a pressure cooker, and I am going to start looking for it. 

If you’re a pressure cooker, what do you typically cook?  Is it really true you can do a cheese cake in there?

Let me know, and I’ll try anything you say you’ve done!



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