home cooking

New Year, No Resolutions!


Isn’t that the most gorgeous bunch of flowers you have ever seen?  They’re peonies from the garden, which I left in the old garden!  Not to mention it’s the least Christmas/New Years of photos.  I am just about over all the tinsel and glitter and stuff!

Of course I am cooking tonight.  I am making a lovely French Onion Soup, a la Jacques Pepin.  And like Mr. P, I use nothing but onions, salt, pepper, water and garlic.  That’s right folks, it’s vegan!  And it’s the actual traditional recipe his mother used.  Isn’t that something?  I’ll post a few photos tomorrow, but I wanted to get this one in under the wire for national blog post month, on BlogHer, which I must say I failed miserably at.  So, Happy New Year to you all, may your year start and go along as you would want it to!  And here’s hoping it bring love, health and well being.  The happiness is something only you can determine!




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