30 days and I made it with 18 posts

For me, that’s not so bad!  As a matter of fact I think I will take up the December challenge and see how I do!  How many fellow bloggers make the 30 days?  If you did, CONGRATULATIONS!

As for me, today I am making our mini-Thanksgiving, because I just can’t resist actually doing the big spread.  I don’t like green bean casserole, but will make for the Hubby, as I will make the pumpkin pie from scratch for him.  Fresh pumpkin puree is a breeze to make, I had it in my Thanksgiving Tips of the Cooking Trade post.  I also hope my friend Brian joins us for dinner today, he had his own mini-Thanksgiving yesterday!  I’d love to hear about what he made.

I pledge today to post more int he month of December.  It may not be all about food, but isn’t it more interesting to hear about a bunch of things?  I do feel I have a great deal to share food-wise, so that will be the general gist, I am fairly certain.

So, off to Whole Foods to get fresh pumpkin, potatoes and Brussels sprouts.  Cause that’s what I do on a Thanksgiving!

And PS – The birds are outside the window of my home office, chowing down on the new seed I got.  What a wonderful panorama to look out on! Six Mourning doves so far, and a whole pack of sparrows!



Love to hear your thoughts!

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