A very delayed flight, and a realization.

So I am currently on a flight from LaGuardia to Detroit, and I know this won’t post until I am on the ground. I first of all have realized that I write on here the way I speak. Most sentences start with a “So”. I also realize that on a blog, I can’t talk with my hands, which if you know me, you know is my New York style. (To which I add, I am delighted to see my two youngest nieces are echoing!)

My weekend was so much fun, the four kids, John, Elsa, Lily and Declan were delightful, and my carefully planned ritual with each of the children was in full effect. John and I had some hilarious and low key banter. Elsa and I shared cooking stories and talked about our shared birthdays. Miss Lily and I cooked our usual chocolate chip AND memenems cookies. Lil realized that she loves cookie dough as does her mamma. Little Declan and I had some lively laughs and had a great time, but a bit of a Mexican standoff, since he is completely besotted with his mamma, and I can’t compete. I wanted to scoop him up and live all over him. Such great kids!!! And my brother Mark, and sister in law Carie had great talks and connected more again!!

My mom and dad were in great form, and it was so wonderful to see the kiddies interact with them. Adoration on both sides! I didn’t get enough time with them! Hopefully when we go home for Christmas, we will have some proper grown up time with them!

And, now I am about to land, and we’re circling. My seat mate bought me a drink, because I was nice to him. So very sweet!!


Love to hear your thoughts!

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