I’m a bad NaBloPoMo Participant!

But, I have an excuse, yesterday was my birthday and I wasn’t feeling publishy!  Today I was off for half the day, but at work for a pretty cool meeting in the morning.  The Hubby and I went back to the old house to do some finalization of “stuff” removal and some cleaning.  Then back home, and getting ready to go home to NYC tomorrow morning! 

No cooking today, but tomorrow will be a different story.  My youngest niece Lily, reminded me when we were on FaceTime yesterday “Don’t forget, we have to make cookies when you come here!”  So, there will be cookies, and, I am super excited about making a lovely tea for my niece Elsa and I (and anyone else that’s around!)  We share a birthday, I mean seriously, that is the gift that keeps on giving!  And now she and I try to do something special to celebrate, even if it’s just having a special conversation on the day!

I am so looking forward to seeing the kiddies, in particular my youngest nephew, Declan.  I haven’t spent any time with him in almost a year, and so much happens when they’re between 1 and 2!  So, he is just going to have to get used to the kissy monster, AKA Aunt Elizabeth.  It’s a right of passage all the kids have had to endure!  I am also looking forward to seeing Mom and Dad.  I talk to them, but nothing beats a good face to face rap session, as my old religion teacher used to say.

Tomorrow I fly out at the butt crack of dawn, 6am, and I get to spend the whole day with my sister, and her kids, and my dad, just talking having fun and cooking up goodies for the tea party, then Saturday, it’s tea party, then American Girl Doll store (heaven help me and my wallet!) then home for dinner and nice family time!  What a great way to spend a weekend!

I’ll blog a bit tomorrow and let you know how it’s all going!



Love to hear your thoughts!

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